QIEWA Q-HUMMER2 Off-road Electric Scooter 52V 2400Watts 1-YEAR WARRANTY

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*Shipping:40-50 days

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🔥Speed ​​and torque:
The wattage of Q-HUMMER2 is 2400WATTS with 30A controller. Our tester is 72KG(flat road,0~70KPH),and it only takes 13-15 seconds to reach the maximum speed of 72-75KPH. We even use dual motor mode then farthest range for the fastest driving mode is 60 km.Although riders is more than 220 IBS can easily ride on the hill roads and maintain high speeds,we provide three different speed modes, which are powerful with three different torques.Riders can make settings according to their own habits. In the single-motor & power saving mode,the range can reach 120KM. Because we use the best batteries and controllers,and show you the real testing data we got.In the current markets, mostly uses zero-weight data.In fact, this is incorrect.In order to help our customer to get the most suitable scooter,we will making more testing videos.

🔥Battery and travel range:
If the dual-motor scooter uses a bad battery, the torque and speed decreased oftenly when the battery power is at 50%,and the power consumption will increase when the power is at 15%-20%. We suggest that dual-motor scooter must use a high capacity battery, because a higher capacity battery not only provides a longer range, but also means a longer battery life and good quality, Q-HUMMER2 uses 28AH LG battery,making riders to get amazing riding distances,even 15%-20% battery left.Speed ​​and torque are still strong.Our testing riders is 72KG and reaching the speed of 70KPH-75KPH in dual-motor high-speed mode, and driving range of 90KM-120KM in the power saving mode.

🔥About weight and size:
There are many powerful scooters on the market, but almost of them are more than 99IBS.But Q-HUMMER2 uses 2400WATTS motor with 28AH battery,and the weight is less than 79IBS, can also be folded in 5 seconds.
You can easily place the scooter in the office or inside of the vehicle.We considered the storage problem when designing Q-HUMMER2.We tried to place the scooter inside the trunk of the Mercedes S400 and Toyota camry,and there was no problem at all ,still had enough space.

🔥More powerful body structure and folding design:
The body of the old type scooter is usually very thin,can't be fixed tightly.This is a problem for the safety.A powerful scooter must have strong structure can withstand more impacts,especially for big guys,so we designed a stronger body structure and a safe folding for Q-Hummer2.Q-HUMMER2 has strong body design and can resist more physical impact.Riders can ride on different kinds of roads safely.We have designed two safe folding tenon to make it more stable and safe.

🔥One year warranty service (Qiewa has Professional Technical Support, if you have any question or concern please send us message.)
Q-HUMMER2 Specification:

■Max Distance:62MILE/100KM
■Max Speed: 47MPH/75KPH
■Motor Power: 2400WATTS(1200W*2)
■Battery:52V 28AH (LG Battery)
■Scooter weight:83 Lbs / 38 Kg 
■Load capacity: MAX 440lbs / 200kg 
■4 Second Quick-Folding
■IPX6 Waterproof 
■Horn Function
■Double Oil Brake
■10 inch pneumatic tire
■Fast Charge Function
■Cruise Control
■Power saving mode
Charging time: 12-15H (Fast Charging time 7H)
*All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.