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    Qiewa, founded in 2014, is the first company located in the green energy and environmentally friendly transportation tool brand. It is exclusively developed and produced by Qiewa US Headquarters with control computing technology. At the same time, Qiewa's design has a stylish and cool appearance, and combines With the elements of green energy, environmental protection and convenient life, the Qiewa electric scooter brand is widely loved by the outdoor sports community.
    Qiewa products have a complete manufacturing process from the quality control of raw materials, PCBA placement and assembly, quality control and testing to the final packaging and shipment. From conceptual design to product production, we provide the best product design and manufacturing. Optimize the efficiency and performance of each process and provide the best quality products to customers.

    Products from 100 years ago are brought back to the modern era
    Qiewa was established in 2010, the brand is registered in the United States, and its headquarters is in Chicago, the United States. At the same time, it has established warehouses and maintenance bases in the United States and around the world. From testing to final packaging and shipment, we have a complete manufacturing process, from conceptual design to product production, we provide the best product design and manufacturing, optimize the efficiency and performance of each process, and provide the best quality products to customers.
    And provide online and offline technical support and global retail services, is the world's most indicative electric scooter company. Qiewa sets out with extremes and challenges as its center, insisting on only manufacturing mini-folding vehicles with higher specifications and the highest configuration, to manufacture and produce every electric vehicle. We focus on leading brands that are familiar in the market such as technology travel and outdoor sports and fitness products. Combining stunning design, excellent quality and excellent reliability to create an excellent product experience, with a complete product ecosystem, Qiewa is committed to becoming an ideal brand for people who love life.

    Do your part for the earth
    In the early stage of investment, the Qiewa team observed that the environment in Taiwan is quite suitable for riding "electric scooters", and environmental energy policies are sprouting in Taiwan, and "electric scooters" products are not yet popular in Taiwan, and many survival phenomena are urgently improved. At this time The Qiewa team believes that with the inherent unique advantages of "electric scooters", it will surely bring an unprecedented look to this land.
    About Qiewa

    Qiewa's efforts
    With the efforts of Qiewa colleagues, reputation and brand value are regarded as Qiewa's highest honor. With changes in the global economic environment, market changes, and the rise of new technology products, the global technology industry continues to progress. We have also established a professional service team, strict self-requirements, and constantly update technology information in order to provide Customers with better products and services.
    We are very grateful for your support of the Qiewa brand, which enables Qiewa products to grow and thrive. Qiewa's vision is to be able to provide market needs, serve the general public, and contribute to the world. This is the corporate purpose of Qiewa. Thank you again for your kindness to Qiewa. The support from Taiwan has allowed us to deepen our roots from Taiwan and move towards the whole world.

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