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Except for the battery which has a 6-month warranty, all components enjoy a 1-year warranty.

International shipping -25-40 days.

Please note that the tracking will be updated after the customs clearance of its destination country.

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INSTAGRAM online customer service hotline (Chewa_Official)
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Product description of Cheva ES7 electric bicycle:

Lazy mode: Turn on the throttle to accelerate-pure power start without relying on your feet.

◎Uphill mode: pedal assist-easy to climb, easy to ride

◎Sports mode: no need to rely on electricity, riding feet, body shaping is the best choice

◎Simple power display-eliminates complicated instrument control, and the battery display is easy to understand.

◎The faucet can be folded-easy to store

◎The front and back of the disc-the security is doubled and upgraded.

◎After the brake lights are on-warns the vehicles behind, driving safer.

◎Pneumatic shock absorber-different from traditional spring shock absorber, more durable and more comfortable

◎Slow rebound silicone cushion-not afraid of long-term sitting on butt pain, super soft Q, with traditional comfort

◎The seat can be adjusted in height.◎
Mountain Bike Tire - Conquer any rugged road and enjoy the unimpeded pleasure.

Lithium battery - replaces traditional lead-acid battery, smaller, lighter and larger

LED headlight lighting, not afraid to see at nightx

EZ3 product specifications:
■Motor Power: 350Watts+48Volts
■Max Drive Distance:18Mile/30km(Use throttle only)
■Max Driving Speed: 16MPH/25km/h(Use throttle only)
■Scooter Weight:37IB/17kg
■Max load:395IB/200Kg
■Rear suspension
■2Second Quick-Folding
■IP5 waterproof
■Double Disk brakes
■12 inch pneumatic tire
■Headlight+Brake light