QGOGO LS450 Full Streaming Mirror Screen Dash Camera for Front and Rear

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High Definition for both front and rear view camera presents super night vision in low light conditions, and the backup camera display with guide lines assist you safe parking. It is flexible and convenient for you to adjust the view angle by sliding your finger on the touch screen when driving or reversing.

🔥Voice control function: you don’t need any action, only the specified password will be able to perform any operation

🔥2K + night vision function:
Excellent chip and lens sensor can achieve the best results, maintaining high-resolution images during the day and night

Loop recording will automatically overwrite the earliest video segment when the memory storage space is full. With G-sensor enabled, it will automatically lock and store the video when it encounters a sudden shock and collision. Mirror dash cam provides video proof of an accident that happens to be capture by the recording.

 With the display of mirror dash cam turned off, it's used as a regular rear view mirror while driving. The mirror dash cam is strapped on to the existing original mirror using rubber straps.

🔥Front and rear photography: Simultaneous photography before and after can simultaneously save the video at the same time, without any complicated settings, can be viewed and played back easily

Free from Glare: full lamination and ultra-high brightness touch screen,it helps you avoid the glare from strong sunlight. Also, you can adjust its brightness by slide your finger on the screen. Ensure a clear video even under the intense sunlight.