QGOGO G1 Smart Security Electronic Door Lock

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  • Material: The electronic lock is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy, anti-collision and anti-smashing, and the shell impact test level has passed the third level. It has passed the FCC SDOC certifications and has a high safety factor.
  • Installation: Suitable for door thickness of 35-50mm, door hole diameter of 38-54mm, side distance of bolt 60mm-70mm can be self-adjusted. It only requires a screwdriver to install in a few minutes.
  • Keypad: Enter wrong password ten times in a row, the keypad deadbolt will be locked for three minutes. The button ANSI standard 156.40 stipulates 250,000 times, and the number of 250,000 times is still clearly visible.
  • Status prompt: When the battery is less than 20%, it will remind you to replace the battery. Back-lit keys can see numbers clearly at night.
  • Waterproof: The electronic deadbolt waterproof grade is IP54, and it can be used outdoors for daily use. It is not recommended to use in severe external environments.