QIEWA Q-mini Electric Scooter (Mechanic Special)

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Due to changing business demands, we are now selling our returned scooters "as-is" at a steep discount. This is a great opportunity to save a lot of money off of one of our new scooters if you are handy. Scooters are returned for a variety of reasons and may need additional parts to function. The most common reasons for return or damage in shipping. The most common repairs needed are a new charge port or controller but consider all possibilities when buying. All parts are available on our website and we have helpful reference videos covering diagnostics in our "video vault". 

🔥Amazing power + mini size: suitable for women or teenagers, we designed a strong and lightweight style, Qmini only 22KG, but it has amazing power, Qmini uses 500Watts+16AH battery with 25A controller,you can get even more speed while maintaining amazing battery life. The fastest speed is about: 37MPH / the longest distance: 37Mile

🔥Saving money on city commuting: Qmini uses 8-inch 500Watts motor, you don't need to worry about the puncture problem,with 45-degree angle special shock absorber,and lightweight mini design, you can get more power, easy ride on city roads and hillroads,you can carry it to your office or bus, or even the rear trunk.

🔥Brake design: Qmini uses drum brake,no need to replace any brake pad,no complicated adjustments.

🔥Anti-theft design: You can use the remote control to turn off/lock your Qmini or even activate the alarm function in one second. This is a safe design, you can safely park the scooter outdoors,the alarm also activate when someone tring to touch it.

🔥Lights and safety: We have set up 3 positions with lights, headlights and side LED lights and brake lights. You can get more safety when riding at night, when youapply the brake, the rear lights will be even brighter to ensure that approaching vehicles pay attention to you when you're riding it.

🔥3 seconds folding and closing: can complete the folding within 3 seconds, and there is security protection mechanism in the folding mechanism, you can even put the scooter in the trunk, or indoor.

🔥Gold-Standard Customer Service (Qiewa has Professional Technical Support, if you have any question or concern please send us message.)*Product specifications:

✅Motor Power: 500Watts 48Volts
✅18650 Battery 5C power 16Ah
✅Max Drive Distance:38mile/60km
✅Max Driving Speed: 37MPH/60km/h
✅Scooter Weight:22kg
✅Max load:250Kg
✅USB mobile phone charging function
✅45° degree dual shock absorber
✅2Second Quick-Folding
✅8-inch solid tire
✅Chassis height:12cm
✅IP65 Water proof
✅Anti the warning
✅Brakes drum
✅Brake light + Led light
* (Different weight, different road, will affect the distance and speed)


Qmini Is More Power But Still A Mini Design

  • Qmini is a more powerful but mini design Electric scooter, 500 Watts with brushless motor, and 5c power 18650 lithium 16 AH battery, 48 Volts, the max speed up to 60 kilometers per hour, max driving distance of about 55-60 KM(Different weight, different road, will affedct the distance) , mini body, with a 12 cm high chassis, can make you feel very smooth feeling when you drive in the city Street, you will feel unparalleled freedom, such an amazing power, but only 22KG or 48 pounds weight, this is the most innovative design , in this world , for electric scooters, basically You can easily put Qmini about 2 or 5 even more in a trunk of any car when you fold the Qmini , so you will not be alone, because you can bring your Qmini when you are traveling enjoy the ride with your family , you can even put into the restaurant, or your office, Qmini has functional about anti-theft remote control and siren feature that lets you use the remote control to power off the Qmini automatically, so do not worry, especially when you park outdoors, the Qmini comes with 8-inch solid tires and a staggering 45 Angular double shock absorber design, so basically you can drive on any road, do not need to worry about changing the tire or inflated, which will be the best in the city Electric scooters in the future of cities , for all those who love freedom.

More space

Enjoy Fast Speed

Mini Design + Strong Power
45 Degree Duble Shock


  • 45 degree shock, double front shock absorption, can bring more impact, to create a more comfortable ride experience. You'll find 8-inch solid tires in different places. You do not have to worry about tire problems The problem of punctured tires is a more realistic design.

Sport Chassis

  • The chassis of the scooter is 12 cm high, higher than
    Other ordinary vehicles make it less likely
    Wear the battery.

500 Motor+ 8 Inch Tire

Smart Brake Light

16AH 5C 18650 Battery

  • 5C Battery quality is excellent with a protective effect, control Circuit board, he can make the battery in a stable situation, excellent performance, 16AH high-capacity battery can travel a long way, and release more power.



  • As long as you have an electronic remote control, when you are not at home, do not worry about your children or the elderly, will start your electric scooter, but also has anti-theft alarm function, when someone try to steal your scooter, scooter Internal buzzer can sound loud, this is a practical and cool features.


IP5 Waterproof 

  • IP5 waterproof function, you can do not have to worry about the car parked outdoors, when the rainy days, you can ride in the rain, you can even take a bath for your Qmini.


New Meter

  • Multi-functional instrument,Through the instrument, you can master everything you want, including understanding the battery life, adjust.

  • Return Policy

    Due to new shipping regulations with Lithium Ion, orders outside of the United States cannot be returned.