Adults Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set

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product description
■ Sports knee pads, elbow sheath, wrist sheath, three-in-one protective gear set
■ Thick and high foamed cotton: It is in contact with the skin, comfortable and protects the joints.
■ Sandwich breathable mesh: use a lot of sandwich mesh, sports sweat is not afraid.
■PE-enhanced protective shell: When the impact falls, strengthen the protective shell to protect yourself.
■PE adhesive elastic band: Resize, you can control anyone.
◆ Product size: M, L
(Size applicable to: M: National Small to National / L: Above the national level)
◆ Net weight of the product: 400±10g
◆ Use electric scooters, bicycles, inline skates: suitable for wearing.
◆ This product: Adults/children are suitable for wearing.
◆ This product is made of breathable sandwich cloth and will be comfortable/comfortable when worn.
◆ This product has passed the TUV/GS (EN14120) European standard test.

◆ Do not put in the mouth to avoid cuts.
◆ Do not touch the fire source or the power source.
◆ Sports and leisure products, which are of an educational nature, should be used under the supervision of adults.
◆ This product is forbidden for children under three years of age.

safety warning :
◆ Do not modify or replace parts without permission.
◆ In order to ensure that the user or a third party may be injured or fall by yourself, please use it carefully.
◆ Do not paint at will. If it is impacted, it should not be used. It should be replaced as soon as possible.