Qiewa Q-POWER Electric off-road Scooter 3200W- Open Box (30-day warranty)

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This is an open box item that has less than 30 miles of use. Our mechanic reviews our open box scooters with a multi-point inspection before they are ready for sale. The scooter will show some signs of wear and use around the chassis but it is in otherwise like new condition (8/10). Please see photos for examples of some of the wear commonly seen on these scooters, but note it does not represent the exact scooter you will be receiving. 

product details:

🔥Amazing speed with travel distance: Most dual-motor type on the market, usually has the  problem of easy overheating, and the battery is being over-discharge because the low quality of controllers and battery , this is the problem that we care a bout ,so we designed a better dual motor scooter.Q-POWER 40A+40A controller with 26AH battery, the fastest speed is about: 56MPH.

The maximum travel distance is about: 55Mile, better heat dissipation performance, more stable when the voltage release, reaching even more amazing speed while maintaining excellent battery life.

🔥More powerful torque + shock absorber: QPOWER uses 3200Watts+60Volts motor with 11-inch off-road tires, with a special 45-degree angle suspension design ,with amazing speed and powerful torque, can challenge a variety of hill roads, even the tough roads can be easily handled, maxium loads up to 280KG.

🔥The latest brake design: Q-POWER uses double fluid break design, you can get amazing brake performance in high speed, no complicated adjustment and setting, more simple and better brake system

🔥Anti-theft design: You can use the remote control to turn off/lock your Q-POWER or even activate the alarm function in one second. This is a safe design, you can safely park the scooter outdoors,the alarm also activate when someone tring to touch it.

🔥Lights and safety: We have set up 3 positions with lights, headlights and side LED lights and brake lights. You can get more safety when riding at night, when youapply the brake, the rear lights will be even brighter to ensure that approaching vehicles pay attention to you when you're riding it.

🔥3 seconds folding and closing: it can be folded in 3 seconds, and there is  protection mechanism when you fold the scooter.You can even put the scooter in the trunk, or indoors. For users who like dual-drive styles, this is a better design.

🔥Excellent stability: The folding mechanism will be able to withstand greater shock and vibration at high speeds. This design allows for a more stable and balanced at high speeds,it's easy for beginners.

🔥More features: Provide more modes, you can change your favorite riding mode, we designed the power saving mode and single motor / dual motor mode switching, the speed has 3 kinds of settings at any time, also the cruise mode.

🔥The difference between single motor and dual motor:Dual motor model is more powerful than the single motor,which also means that the dual motor will consume double power,battery life than single motor,therefore dual motor must ues more large and capicity battery,and thick structure to prevent it's bumping.Dual motor model'weight is usaully very heavy,this is a question of many customers concern,and this is the answer to our customers. We suggest that if you can't accept the scooter is too heavy, or you don't have to travel frequently on the hillroads, or your weight less than 100KG, we would recommend single motor scooter. Because the single motor's battery lasts longer, and the speed can still be fast.

🔥Gold-Standard Customer Service (Qiewa has Professional Technical Support, if you have any question or concern please send us message.)


*Product specifications:
✅Motor Power: 3200Watts(2x1600Watts) 
✅Max Drive Distance:56mile 
✅Max Driving Speed: 55MPH
✅Battery:  30Ah-60Volts (18650 lithium battery)
✅Scooter Weight:37kg 
✅11 inch off-road pneumatic tire
✅Single/double motor switching 
✅Double Hydraulic brakes
✅Max load:300Kg 
✅Double controllers 
✅Cruise Control
✅45A X2 Controller
✅45 degree double shock absorber 
✅Power saving mode 
✅2Second Quick-Folding 
✅IP5 Water proof 
✅Anti the warning 
✅Power saving mode 
✅Double charging interface (faster charging)

✅Double Brake light
* (Different weight, different road, will affect the distance and speed) 


Legal Disclaimer 1. Please wear protective gear when riding. We are not responsible for any personal damages or loss of life due to unsafe use of our devices 2. It is advisable not to operate the device at high speeds during inclement weather. 3. Battery maintenance is important. Please charge your scooter adequately before use and be sure to fully charge and discharge your battery to sustain the full life of the battery cells . 4. We are not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the device. This is an electric vehicle with significant power output. 5. Please do not allow children to use the device without adult supervision. This is not a toy 6. Different weight, height and road conditions will affect the output of the device. Please be conscious of this when riding Seller Warranty Description Important information the Qiewa All Electric Scooter is covered by a limited warranty for one year. The Limited Warranty covers any manufacturer failure involving the motor, tires, braking mechanism, LED lights, charger, battery and remote control key fob. If you experience an issue, please contact us through Facebook for assistance. We kindly ask that you include photos as well as a detailed description of your problem so we may assist you further. We are not responsible for any damage to the device due to improper use or any fault of the scooter operator. For replacement parts: If you need to replace any parts from normal wear and tear, please contact our shop and we will make arrangements for you. you may also service your scooter at local shops at your own discretion.

Return Policy
Due to new shipping regulations with Lithium Ion, orders outside of the United States cannot be returned.