Qiewa-Bicycle Helmet with 3Types of Alert Lights

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      ☀Automatic Light Sensation LED Lighting: Bright but not Dazzling As equipped a 7-key high brightness LED lighting group, with automatic light sensation function, this bling helmet is capable of automatic starting up or standby according to the intensity of the ambient light.By adoptingprecise mirror polishing process, the lighting strip reaches a 180-meter visual distance, a sweet safe companion in the late night.
    • ☀Built-in 12 Vents for Excellent Ventilation: Themorevents ofthe helmet, the betterventilation andfaster coolingwhile theprotection body of the helmet, to the contrast, is lessened. On the premise of safety and good ventilations, we introduced the aerodynamics design concept and verified 12vents as the optimal solution.
    • ☀Integral Molding for Better Protection: The exterior shell ofthe helmetemploys PC (polycarbonate) materialwhile the interior uses imported PSI-205T high density EPS (polystyrene foam). With an integral molding of external and internal layers, it dramatically strengthens the helmet impact resistance for safer daily joumeys on the road.
    • ☀Waterproof Design All-weather Suitable: The helmet employs an lPX4 waterproof design for allowing short exposure to the rain. For your safety, please do not exposeto the rain for a long time while wearingit.Waterproof Testing Report No:AGC03815180503CR01
    • ☀Size: Adjustable strap to fasten. Maximum head size is 61cm(24inch),that means fits maximum diameter is 57cm(22.44inch). The helmet would generally fit for most of people and with the adjustable strap to fasten. No Mic and Speaker.13.4 oz.

  • Product Description

    Helmet Material: EPS+PC
    Shell Size:57-61cm
    LED Light Bead:7
    Light Mode: Fast flashing light tidal light
    Battery Endurance: approx.36hrs for lighting
    Standby Endurance: approx.180 days
    Charging Time: approx. 3hrs

    Automatic Sensor lighting
    Brake Warning Light
    Automatic Shutdown
    12 Ventilation Channels
    Magnetic Charging
    36hrs Endurance
    IPX4 Waterproof
    Integral Molding