New Sport Handheld Gimbal Live Appliance

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Please note that tracking will update once it clears customs in its destination country.

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Please note that tracking will update once it clears customs in its destination country
  • Ultra small - Super stable】Three-axis mechanical stabilization of PTZ, physical anti-shake in motion + Precision zoom, control of the gimbal movement, easy to create a smooth version of the movie version.
  • 👍【Brighter - Clearer】All-round intelligent time-lapse shooting,advanced shooting techniques ▶ such as Movement delay, motion delay, and track delay;support (continuous shooting + timed shooting + HDR) multiple shooting modes, so you can immerse yourself in the shooting experience and create Write your own super clear image and share it with facebook instagram youtube.
  • 📸【AI Smart】Powerful AI algorithm accurately guides the phone lens, automatically recognizes the face, and follows the subject in the center of the picture, freeing your creative ideas!
  • 【Take it everywhere】12 hours long battery life, built-in 4000mAh large battery, the longest battery life of up to 12 hours; very suitable for IOS + Android system, For Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc., the largest support for 6-inch mobile phones.
  • 【Perfect Experience】APP: IOS users please search for Capture2 in the APP Store, download and install; Android users in the Google Store, search for Capture, download and install, or scan the QR code in the PTZ manual to download.

Welcome to the Pantaya store and let the "EYEMIND2 generation" work with you to create more amazing extraordinary video images.
three-axis handheld PTZ handheld stabilizer
Quick balance 》 Install mobile phone 》 Start amazing shooting

Horizontal and vertical free switching ▶ In the horizontal mode, only the micro-tilt handle is required, and the pan/tilt can be automatically switched to the vertical mode.
FPV mode ▶ First person perspective, get rid of bondage and create more possibilities,Follow the phone lens and rotate it in all directions, It is within reach and supports a maximum 270 degree spin angle.
Mad dog mode ▶Press the trigger button and the pan/tilt will enter the high-speed response mode to ensure that each of your actions is perfectly matched. (High, medium and low three follow speeds)
Afterimage mode ▶ Let the subject quickly take the frame, the camera lens will record the magical afterimage, the light and shadow, endless creativity
Night mode ▶It is suitable for night shooting, waving inside the framing frame with colorful lights, leaving a dazzling bright track! !

Package Contents:
1* Eyemind2.0 Handheld Stabilizer Set
1* Instruction manual