QIEWA Q-MINI2 (Mechanic Special)

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Due to changing business demands, we are now selling our returned scooters "as-is" at a steep discount. This is a great opportunity to save a lot of money off of one of our new scooters if you are handy. Scooters are returned for a variety of reasons and may need additional parts to function. The most common reasons for return or damage in shipping. The most common repairs needed are a new charge port or controller but consider all possibilities when buying. All parts are available on our website and we have helpful reference videos covering diagnostics in our "video vault". 

Q-MINI2 Specification: 

■Max Distance:75MILE / 120KM 
■Max Speed: 38MPH / 60KPH

■Motor Power: 1000Watts*2

■Battery:28AH (Lg Battery)


■Net weight: 63 lbs / 29 Kg 

■Load capacity: MAX 265lbs / 120kg 

■3 Second Quick-Folding

■IP5 Waterproof 

■Horn Function

■Double Oil Brake

■10 inch Vacuum tire

■Fast Charge Function

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